Friday, February 22, 2008

Jewelry By Jessica: Some New Designs!

I read a really great article in Etsy's The Storque called "Give Props: How to Style Your Photos" written by the extremely talented Susy Jack. Basically it talked about creating more of an environment for your work in photographs, using props and backgrounds.

For a long time, I've been using mostly plain white backgrounds for feature photographs of my jewelry, thinking that I wanted the colors to be the star of the show. But - even if it's not obvious in the designs - my work is very much influenced by Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement patterns and lines. So I thought - why not use some of those patterns as backdrops? Somehow it seems to work - I'm really enjoying the fresh look it gives my pieces. Haven't tried props steps : )

So two of the pieces piectured above are new for Spring: Scallop Pattern in Lilac and Chinese Lattice Pattern in Red (only at Etsy for right now) and the other two just look new, thanks to their spiffy new backdrops: Laurel in Brown and Leaf Green and Loops in Red. Enjoy the color/pattern feast!


Susy said...

i have to laugh, jessica...because i totally just clicked on your photo above in flickr!! then i get to your blog and see that you used the article! so funny!! i guess that's proof that your new method is eyecatching!!

well, it's working for me, so far.

: )


Stephanie said...

I love the new backgrounds. They really make the pieces stand out.

(and how cool that the author of that article commented!)