Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jewelry By Jessica at Presents of Mind!

One of my favorite stores in town, Presents of Mind, (on 36th and SE Hawthorne) is now carrying Jewelry By Jessica! If you've ever been in there, you know what a wonderland it is for stationery, jewelry, cool baby gifts, books, purses and a million other things. I dropped off nearly 80 pieces there on Friday - they should be ready for purchase by mid-week this week. Go visit them!

{Of course I didn't make it out of there without making a purchase (never can) - I brought a Sukie stationery box home with me. My rationalization was that I've wanted it for, oh, nearly two years now, I think. It's even cooler than I thought it would be. There are stickers in there, people!}

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Elizabeth said...

Dear Jess, I also have this stationary box, purchased here in Connecticut at a book store...what can I say? Apparently distance has done nothing to our good taste.

I would also have mentioned the velum envelopes...hurray....