Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New DIY Jewelry By Jessica Kit: Three Hearts Window/Wall Ornament

Another DIY kit is up at my Etsy shop - yay!  This one provides everything needed to make a window or wall ornament made up of three hearts. It includes two sets of three pre-cut (by hand!) shrink plastic hearts (two sets because I want to give people room to experiment without that "I-only-have-one-chance-to-get-this-right!" pressure), and a really beautiful braided cotton cord, which I now have in blue, green, orange, white or black (folks can choose a color if they have a preference).  

This is really a perfect gift to have a child make for a mom, grandmother, teacher or the like. Even really little kids can scribble colors on shrink plastic, and it ends up looking lovely in an abstract expressionist kind of way. (Case in point - the ornament in the picture above was scribbled by my 3-year-old.) Because it's so quick and clean, it also makes an amazing party activity and/or party favor - I've road tested it with girls and boys ranging in age from 2 to 10, and it's been a big hit with all of them.

Of course, you grown-ups can also make one for yourself - more sophisticated designs look beautiful as well, and you can trace images, use rubber stamps, or draw your own bits of loveliness. I hope people have a wonderful time with these DIY kits!

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Catherine Chandler said...

DIY kits are great. So often I hear, "Oh, I can just make that", when people decide not to buy something...and yet, most people never end up making what they said they would. Putting items into a ready-to-make Kit make it that much easier to make something yourself, and yet not rip off the artist.