Sunday, July 12, 2009

Etsy Treasury: Black & White

Someone recently asked me which MJ song was my favorite. "Black Or White" was the first one that came to mind. The person had never heard this song. But the album "Dangerous" was the big MJ album of my childhood, and the face morphing portion of the video for "Black and White" (which starts at about 5 minutes 30 seconds in) was pretty darn amazing at the time. 

All that to say my Sweet Fennel Blooms necklace is in an Etsy Treasury. And at first glance I thought the title of the Treasury was "Black Or White," and that it was maybe an MJ tribute. But at second glance, I saw that it's actually called "It's Black and It's White." So, uh, nevermind. : ) 

Thanks so much to Lisa at BeadCrazed for including me in this very cool (though non-MJ-related) collection!

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Emily said...

Lovely treasury :) Congrats!
We do see what we want to see sometimes, don't we?

When I first saw the morphing faces in MJ's Black or White vid, the first thing I thought of what Godley & Creme's 'Cry' from many years prior. It's a lot less fluid, but still very cool:

And funny, when I googled to find that link to post here, I also stumbled across this — very à propos!