Friday, September 11, 2009

Simple Circle Necklaces: Modern, Minimalist, Colorful, Fun!

I guess there's something about Fall and the whole back-to-school vibe that gets me wanting to make new stuff. Despite that fact that there are a bajillion other things I should be doing (oh, say, cleaning the house, washing dishes, etc.) the idea for this necklace took hold and wouldn't let go. So I ran with it. Literally, ran. As in running up and down the stairs to my basement studio to shrink, experiment, perfect, paint, etc. whenever I had two moments to spare. (Oh, my aching calves...)

The result? Sweet, delicate, vibrant circles of color. The circles measure about 3/4" in diameter, and hang on a high-quality 16" sterling silver snake chain. (You could substitute an 18" chain, leather cord with a magnetic clasp, or a sterling silver bead chain if you'd rather. While we're at it, you could also request this necklace in any color I offer, or in a custom color of your choosing. You're the boss!)

All in all, a charming little charm necklace that packs a big color punch. Just what I was going for! Only available in my Etsy Shop, $15 each.

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