Friday, November 9, 2007

The 2007 Jewelry By Jessica Open House

(A few more photos are here)

The second annual Jewelry By Jessica Open House has come and gone - I think a lot of fun was had by all! The first year I had this event, I was nervous. I thought it would be weird to sort of hit up friends and relatives for sales. But as it turns out, I think most of my friends and family appreciate the chance to look at all my stuff in one place, do some holiday shopping, or just hang out with us for a while before the holiday craziness descends. And for the local folks on my mailing list (you can sign up here) it's also a chance to save on shipping. Did I mention there are also lots of cookies, strong coffee, and cocoa with little marshmallows? Yeah, that helps too.

I also like to use the Open House to gauge reactions on new styles and colors before adding them to the shop. People people really seemed to like the new stuff this year, and the silver snake chain option was also a hit. That's good information for me to have - and hard to get any other way besides doing the craft show circuit, which I have, at least for now, stopped doing. (Maybe another post on that some other time.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming, to Ben for marathon house cleaning, and especially to my mom who hung out with Sophie - and a lot of Sophie's small friends - all afternoon. Oh, and a particular shout-out to my high school classmates and their two way-too-cute girls for coming all the way up from Salem. (Stephanie's blog entry indicates that they had a good time - phew!) Hope to see you again soon Staleys!

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Stephanie said...

I thought I had added this blog to my Google Reader, but must have forgotten! So I'm just now catching up...

We were thrilled to see you too. Sophie is so cute, and Sydney had such a fun time with her. We'll definitely have to get together again so they can play some more.

PS: Loving my necklace and earrings! Wear them all the time. And I couldn't wait until Christmas to give the other pair of earrings for a gift. She got them for Thanksgiving :) And she loves them!