Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Wee Little Jewelry By Jessica Ad in Bust Magazine

So I have an ad in the April/May issue of Bust Magazine - back of the magazine, page 100, lower lefthand corner. My first print ad ever! {Featured necklace: Laurel in Brown + Leaf Green.} There will also be a banner ad running on Bust's Web site starting Tuesday, featuring Loops in Red + Red and Daisies in Brown + Leaf Green. It will be pretty interesting to find out if Bust readers are into my stuff. We shall see!

I'm in good company in the back of the mag there - some folks I've always liked, including Glitterlimes, Fluffy, Small Things Designs, Supermaggie, and Blend Creations are keeping me company. The issue also features cool interviews with David Sedaris, Ira Glass and Errol Morris (by calling these guys out instead of, say, Elijah Wood, Ween and The Kills, I'm pretty sure I'm setting off geek alarms yet again, but I'm cool with that...) so go grab a copy. (If you're one of the supercool types who already subscribes, hope you're enjoying your issue!)

P.S. A very big thank you to my friends Tanya, Scott and especially Chris who helped me put both the print and web ads together. It's much harder than it looks! Thanks you guys!

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