Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Treasuries! Seven Treasures Earrings and Flowering Stem Necklace Get Their Moment in the Sun...

What luck! I am currently featured in two Etsy Treasuries!
The first one is an in-your-face extravaganza of red and white awesomeness curated by jewelry designer Amy Singley of Adorn By Amy Singley. It features my Seven Treasures earrings in Crimson - which seem to be holding their own among Amy's very cool picks. 

The second one features a really lovely color palate of sky blue, lime, green and purple - and features the Treasury debut of my brand new design, Flowering Stem in Eggplant! (For now, available exclusively at my Etsy shop.) This one was put together by Dorothy Domingo, who is a woman of many, many talents - beader, quilter, ceramicist, and who knows what else! 

Thanks, Dorothy and Amy for featuring me! 

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