Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Tiny, Superquick Survey + Another New Style!

Hello readers and jewelry aficionados! Two things for you today:

1) The Superquick Jewelry By Jessica Survey!
I wanted to invite you to take my tiny, superquick, 6-question survey about Jewelry By Jessica. Hopefully it will benefit all involved: you get to ask for what you'd like to see more or less of, and I get to do your bidding! Well, something like that : )

The 6-question survey is right here - it truly should take you about 3 or 4 minutes to complete. Anonymous is fine, but, for those of you who have online businesses too, there's a spot to leave your web address. As a thank you, I will either Tweet or blog about your work and your generous spirit!

2) New Constellation Earrings
"Another new style already!?" you may be asking? That's right - I am on a creative bender. The Constellation earrings in Ivory are available right now at my Etsy shop: It's my first foray into offering kidney wire-style earring hooks. I have been wearing them around for days now, and I am so happy to report that they are super comfortable, super secure, and, like all of my jewelry, extremely lightweight. In fact, you might forget you're wearing it, except that everybody is gong to keep complimenting you on it : ) More colors to come soon - feel free to make a request!

Okay over and out: here's the link to the survey one more time before I go...

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Frivolitea said...

i like the simplicity of your jewelry. light wearing jewelry is my fave.