Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pretty, Awesome, Pretty Awesome Treasury

Etsy seller Damjana of Lodddelina curated this supergorgeous Treasury, and was kind enough to include my Laurel necklace in French Blue and Brown. She also included things from two of my favorite Etsy shops, which I might as well blather on about now:

Lotta Hellberg of Inleaf Design made those sachets on the bottom left. Her work reminds me a bit of that other Lotta (Jansdotter) in its subtle color palates and natural textiles, but Hellberg's work tends toward the more refined and sophisticated, and I really love it. Plus, she creates her designs by printing with *actual leaves* - a technique I've tried and love, though my results have been vastly inferior to Lotta's!

Sharon Montrose's photo of a goose is in the second row in the middle. I love the way her use of the glowing white backgrounds bring into stark relief some aspect of each creature's being. Plus, they're really, really pretty : )

And now thanks to this Treasury, I've got a new favorite Etsy shop - Kuutydruk! Shop proprietess Moonika who hails from Estonia (Kuutydruk means "Moongirl" in Estonian!) is making laptop sleeves (second row, far right) as well as CD organizers, iPod covers and handbags out of linen, and embellishing them with traditional Estonian embroidery designs. I love the juxtaposition of a centuries-old sewing technique on covers for new-fangled techno gadgetry.

So - thanks again Loddelina for this amazing collection, and for making me part of it!


Loddelina said...

You're welcome, Jessica - I love your work, so delicate and pretty, perfect for any treasury!

Kuutydruk said...

Thank you Jessica for your kind words :) I'm glad you like my work :)
Good luck to you!

TheSwissStudio said...

In case you didn't see: This treasury just made the front page on etsy! :-)

Great jewelry, love it!