Sunday, August 16, 2009

Featured Artisan on 1000 Markets' Handmade Haven

Have I mentioned the 1000 Markets site? It's an online marketplace similar to Etsy, but organized by "Markets," which are curated collections of shops.  I joined a while back (my shop is here), and have found a lot of really neat folks there. 

I was accepted to the Handmade Haven market, which is spotlighting the work of different members each day in posts at the handmade community site A picture of my little spotlight is below - if you go here you can link to it, Tweet it, or what have you.

Thanks especially to Beryl of Banner Mountain Textiles who picked me. She does some amazing woven work that's definitely worth checking out. {I am such a sucker for handwoven textiles. Just look at this!} She describes my work as "Modern jewelry with a Japanese flair." Hmm, I like it!

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Beryl Moody said...

Wow - thanks for the link back to my shop. We are turning into a mutual admiration society here! Hope your shop gets lots of views from the publicity.