Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lovely Little Things: Mandag

"Shopping" gets a bad rap. What is "shopping" but looking at pretty, pretty things? Who doesn't enjoy looking at pretty, pretty things? For me, there are also huge benefits to shopping: I get inspired, I get ideas, and, well, yes, sometimes I get stuff. 

Anyway, because social networking via Etsy is technically "work" for me (wink, wink) I do find a ridiculous number of amazing handmade things online, and I can't possibly buy them all. But I can share them with others who might buy them, oh yes I can. So here's the first installment of my new, whenever-I-have-a-moment, Lovely Little Things series: some cards and a pillow by Sini, a.k.a. Mandag, who lives in Oslo, Norway. 

I love the hand-cut look and the color palates on the cards. And I love the steel grey of the crochet pillow (in fact, my Fall jewelry line is riddled with this color - I can't wait to get back in my studio to get going on it already!) and the way the colored buttons give the homespun texture of the cover a very modern edge. Both the cards and the pillow (along with many other really lovely things) are available in Mandag's shop on Etsy. Go forth and shop : ) 

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